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What Your Donation Does
Although they are often invisible to all but the family, the non-medical side effects of serious childhood illness can be devastating. Among those most frequently brought to our attention are the following:
  • Decreased income or job loss is often a reality for a parent who must devote considerable time to caring for a child.
  • Multiple co-pays for medications and doctor visits can quickly overwhelm a family’s monthly budget.
  • Families are forced to choose between paying for basic household needs and handling new expenses like child-care costs for healthy siblings or transportation expenses for visits to hospitals and doctors’ offices.
  • Parents whose children must use ventilators, air purifiers, and elaborate monitors are faced with utility bills three or four times the normal rates.

Unrelenting emotional and financial struggles take their toll on marriages and siblings, and on the physical and psychological health of parents or guardians. Caregivers who are single parents or grandparents sometimes experience additional problems, such as fixed or minimal incomes, less emotional support, and their own disabilities. Financial assistance from KADMF can ease these burdens, allowing the parents or guardians to focus more fully on the needs of the child and improving the quality of life for the family.

Help for Families in Crisis

Meet some of the families that KADMF helps and learn about the kinds of requests that the Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund responds to every day:

V, a prematurely born twin with seizure disorder, developmental delays, and feeding difficulties, needed follow-up care and several hospitalizations. Her mother had to leave her job to care for V and her father used all vacation, sick and personal days to help, too.

KADMF paid an overdue electric bill and lightened their financial burden.

D, an 11-year-old with cystic fibrosis and a complicated medical history including failure to thrive, has a feeding tube and required sinus surgery as well as hospitalizations to treat unforeseen health complications. D’s mom is the main breadwinner for the family and dad worked in construction to gain flexible hours to be D’s primary caregiver. The change in jobs created financial hardship when insurance coverage changed and income was drastically reduced. Shortly after changing jobs, D’s dad was diagnosed with end-stage liver disease.

KADMF helped by paying for utilities to relieve the family budget.

F, a 4-year-old diagnosed with Trisomy 18, subglottic stenosis, and reactive airway disease, has a tracheotomy and requires mechanical ventilation. She lives with her parents and an elderly aunt with severe epilepsy. Mom is a caregiver for an aged Alzheimer’s patient and dad is a nurse’s aid at a hospice.

KAMDF underwrote the purchase of a special high-back swing and seat cover to permit F to enjoy the outdoors safely with her family.