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The Kolbe Fund’s Hopeful Nights program has provided more than 3,200 nights of emergency hotel lodging to hundreds of families traveling to obtain the best pediatric care. Now operating under The Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund, we are stronger and more impactful than ever. For financially strapped families who must travel to access top pediatric care, the pandemic has made life particularly difficult. Complicated issues of quarantine, COVID testing requirements, and hospital safety policies that restrict accompanying guardians and siblings create logistical stressors for families who are already stretched thin. Kolbe’s Hopeful Nights keeps families together in a safe and clean environment as they await COVID test results required prior to some treatments or entry into communal living at the Ronald McDonald House.

In addition to Kolbe’s Hopeful Nights, in response to COVID-19 the Dolan Fund has prioritized the alleviation of pain for families caring for a critically ill or special needs child as they experience joblessness. Often these medically vulnerable children require expensive technology and adaptive equipment in order to school at home. The Dolan Fund’s Financial Assistance Program makes direct bill payments to cover otherwise unaffordable expenses like these. Furthermore, the Dolan Fund’s on call social worker provides emotional support and guidance for families in need who are navigating the often-confounding maze of social services.

Thank you…because we can’t do what we do… without you!

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