We were very fortunate to spend last Sunday with you on the Kelly Anne Dolan Family Fun Day Cruise. Our daughter just celebrated her second birthday. She has terminal cancer. Her two years have been spent in hospitals, doctors’ offices, emergency rooms, on therapy mats and in countless waiting rooms. When we get into the car she assumes we are going to one of these places. What an incredible gift it was to surprise her with a cruise at the end of one long car ride. She didn’t know what to make of it, and to be honest neither did we! What we found made a profound impact, a new memory that will stay with us always. It is because of you all that we will be able to look back and relive what was one truly wonderful day. When you have a child with profound special needs you get many stares, many questioning eyes, or worse, nothing at all. One can feel completely invisible in this life. But we felt completely accepted, welcomed, and assisted on the cruise. We felt relaxed. I cannot express enough what a magical state of being that is for us.