Created in 2016 to honor Peggy upon her retirement from the Fun, Peggy’s HOPE for Kids school initiative is a simple, but powerful, concept. Children from local schools conduct activities that raise funds for the families and children we assist. In the process, they learn social and organizational skills. Events of all kinds, from “Funny-Feet Walks” to volleyball marathons to garage band competitions, have been organized for our benefit. Whether the activity is a community service project for a single student who raises $300 or a school-wide effort that yields $30,000, we have found that that the school students and staff benefit every bit as much as our families.

We can become as involved as school officials would like. Whether we provide a speaker for a school assembly to launch the activity or work individually with students, we are happy to provide the resources and guidance needed to make the experience a success for everyone. Those schools with whom we work assure us that the program is truly educational: students learn that there are families with sick children who need their help, and that they can make a difference in their community. There are also, of course, valuable lessons about organization, discipline, and teamwork. Faculty and administrators have been able to use these projects to reinforce other goals and objectives in ways that are enriching and fun for their students.

There is a quote on the wall of the office amidt a sea of pictures that was especially selected by Peggy.  It reads, “There is joy in transcending self to serve others.”  Peggy’s HOPE for Kids inspires caring and encourages young people to see what is happening around them and to choose to do things with their talents to create positive change.

If you are interested in partnering with the Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund to create a greater sense of community and belonging, please contact us at


jarHappiness Jars– fantastic way to engage students with a low level of commitment. The would collect jars (plastic) and write positive affirmations on slips of colorful paper. Adding additional slips of paper and colored pencils so the recipient might add their thoughts to the jar would be a nice touch.

Tamanend Middle School – for 18 yeas they have held a basketball fundraiser.  In 2018 they raised $32,610 making their grand total $447,215. Simply amazing!

Woodside Christian Preschool  – for 27 years they have held a walk-a-thon.  In 2018, over two days, 135 children walked 2,715 laps with their total fundraising reaching over $100,000.  Way to go!