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Special Needs Financial Planning: 10 Important Steps For Caregivers

Here are some important steps to help caregivers prepare for the financial future of their dependents with special needs. Each circumstance is unique, so caregivers should consider their situation carefully.

Variety Philadelphia

Variety is devoted to enriching the lives of children and young adults with disabilities and empowering them to navigate the world around them. They offer year-round social, educational, and vocational programs that nurture independence and self-confidence. 

Adaptive Clothing

JC Penney offers a line of comfortable and easy-to-wear adaptive clothing for youth and adults. It is good for self- or assisted dressing. Follow the link to their online site. 

A Special Message...

“The help we received from you allowed us to come up for a little air at a time when so many of us with children with special needs hold our breath waiting for the next issue to come up that we have to tackle.” Cindy Singer mom to Dylan.